Volunteer for Vicki

Help Vicki hold Eltham in 2018!

Our community needs your help!

There will be a Victorian state election on 24 November 2018.

In the last four years we’ve got a lot done in our local community under Vicki’s leadership.  Roads have been upgraded, bottleneck intersections are about to be improved and the Hurstbridge Line will be duplicated if Labor is re-elected, with 6.5 minute train departures at Greensborough, 10 minutes from Montmorency and Eltham, and 20 minute from Diamond Creek and beyond.

Beyond our local area, a lot has also been happening, with nearly 30 level crossing removals completed, Melbourne Metro well underway and next year, we’ll begin the procurement for the much-needed North East Link - if Labor wins on November 24.

Importantly, Labor has been investing in our kids - record funding for school and we have injected vital funding for our TAFEs.  This has meant reopening Greensborough TAFE - closed by the Liberals - and creating 30 free TAFE courses. 

We’ve got a new, bigger and better ambulance station at Montmorency and for the first time in history, Nillumbik will have a 24 hour ambulance station, with the new one being built in Diamond Creek.

We’ve created important legislation to help preserve our environment and reduce damaging emissions.

It is only Labor which invests in our communities.

It is the Liberals who slash our services, don’t invest in our schools and go to war with our emergency services.

This is why our community needs your help.  Our community can only prosper under a Labor government.  Please fill in the form below and let Vicki know how you can help - whether it is having her sign in your garden, helping at a street stall or train station, or having conversations with other community members on the phone or on doorsteps.

Our community can’t afford to have the Liberal Party back in government.  Too much is at stake.  Come and help us make another four years of Labor government a reality!




Please fill in the form and let me know how you would like to help, I will be in touch with you soon. 

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