Things Vicki has delivered for the Eltham Electorate

Projects Delivered in the Eltham electorate

Since being elected in 2014, Vicki hit the ground running, ensuring that this community would be well represented and our needs understood by Government. Below are some of the key areas which Vicki has delivered on for the Eltham electorate.

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public transport

We've done a lot to improve public transport in the north east;

  • Duplicated the Hursbridge Line between Heidelberg and Rosanna
  • Removed the level crossings at Lower Plenty Road and Grange Road extended the South Morang Line to Mernda
  • New bus routes have been introduced, such as the 343 between Greensborough and Diamond Creek improving access to the Hurstbridge line for Eltham North and St Helena residents. 
  • New train services have been introduced for Eltham, Montmorency and Greensborough Stations during the AM and PM peak.  
  • Right now we are working hard with the Level Crossing Removal Authority on planning the duplication of the Hurstbridge Line beyond Greensborough which will allow for 10 minute services from Eltham and Montmorency.  Thousands of new jobs will be created.
  • Montmorency station has a new cover and MYKI reader and we're improving car parking.

Of course, Melbourne Metro offers even more transport solutions for local residents as well as the additional new jobs that have become available through this much needed project.We have done a lot - and there is still more to do.


Education, Training and Skills


Employers have told me they want their employees to be job ready. 

  • The Andrews Labor Government reopened Greensborough TAFE after it was brutally shut by the former Liberal Government
  • we are also building the Banyule-Nillumbik TECH school at the TAFE as well, giving our young students exciting opportunities never seen before - for jobs that are just now being invented!
  • Free TAFE for 30 courses in skills we need helps prepare our kids for the future, helping them get the skills they need that suit the demands of the workforce
  • Discounted car registration for apprentices as well as support for the purchase of tools is a sensible measure to help our kids afford their much needed training

The record infrastructure investment Victoria is currently experiencing has created thousands of jobs for highly trained apprentices and employees across Victoria.  We need to do all we can to make sure our kids have the skills they need to take advantage of these jobs. 

  • We are looking after people at all times during their education. Since 2014 the Andrews Government has invested record amounts in primary and secondary schools as well as early learning centres
  • We have committed $14 million to rebuilding Montmorency Secondary College
  • We have also built a new sporting precinct at St Helena Secondary College and are starting another at Eltham High.
  • We're starting a master plan for Research Primary School, and are embarking on an $8.3 million rebuild of Montmorency South Primary School

We know that strong community schools build strong communities that's why we have committed to them. 

Health and Wellbeing

The Andrews Government came to power with a mandate to improve Victoria's ambulance services.

  • We have built a new Ambulance station in Montmorency for the Eltham Ambulance brigade. This new station replaced the ambulance station that was built in the 1950's and no longer had the facilities that a 21st century brigade needed.
  • We have also built a new 24 hour ambulance station in Diamond Creek, this is the first time that Nillumbik has had 24 hour ambulance coverage in the municipality. These investments have had results with Ambulance response times dropping to all time lows.
  • We have secured long term funding for the Austin hospital and established mandatory nurse to patient ratios. This ensures that the people who take care of us are looked after, to ensure high quality of care. 
  • Vicki has helped a number of community groups secure the necessary funding to continue their volunteer activities. Together with Danielle Green MP, Vicki helped secure $60,000 for the rapidly expanding Diamond Creek Men's Shed.
  • Vicki has also helped the Eltham Guides get funding to build a new guidehall. 



The housing growth to our north has resulted in a market increase in traffic in our local streets.  While new bus services, the Mernda Rail extension and increased services on the Hurstbridge Line will encourage more people to use our trains, we still need to improve our roads and road access

  • The Andrews Government is committed to North East Link, a $10bn project which will improve traffic flow around Melbourne and create thousands of jobs
  • We're also fixing Fitzsimons Lane , improving access to Main Road from Leane Drive
  • We're working on improvements to other local intersections, such as at Allendale Road and Ryans Road as well as the Civic Drive roundabout
  • Bolton Street is completed and is safer and easier to use, responding to the needs of the local community.
  • The duplication of Yan Yean Road is well underway - as are so many other road projects in the North, not only helping us to get to and from work quicker but also creating important job opportunities.


Community sport is about just that; community.  This is why I began working closely with St Helena Secondary College, Glen Katherine Primary School, the Eltham Redbacks and the Eltham Netball Club to develop a facility at the school that could be used by students as well as the broader community. 

  • The Andrews Labor Government invested $2.5 million to build a new soccer pitch, athletics track, tennis and netball courts and the sports precinct at St Helena has been a great success.
  • We're now building a new sports precinct at Eltham High School, involving the Eltham Junior Football Club, the Eltham Tennis Club, the Eltham Panthers Netball Club, Eltham Primary, Eltham East Primary as well as Research Junior Football Club. This includes a new football oval, change rooms and kiosk, new tennis courts and netball courts, baseball and cricket nets.

With basketball being one of the most popular sports in this community - over 11,000 players - significant investment is needed to build new courts to meet this growing need. 

  • We're building a new court at St Helena Secondary College, helped the Eltham Wildcats build new changerooms at the Eltham High stadium and contributed $2.5 million towards the plans by the Diamond Valley Basketball Association and Nillumbik Council plans to increase basketball courts at Diamond Valley Sports and Fitness Centre.  

The needs of local footballers and cricketers also needs to be addressed. 

  • This has meant contributing $950,000 for new clubrooms at Research Park
  • $1.3 million for new clubrooms and lights at Eltham Central, $150,000 for the Lower Plenty Football Club. 

Over $500,000 has been invested with various clubs to help support female participation, such as:

  • $100,000 for Research Lower Plenty Baseball Club
  • $100,000 for Eltham Lacrosse Club and Eltham Lower Cricket Club
  • $100,000 for Diamond Valley Little Athletics. 
  • New lights have been installed at the Susan St Oval, we've helped fund the new playground at Andrew Beale Reserve.